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thumbnail Venice in Question

"Venice in Question" Research Seminar, Deputazione di Storia Patria per le Venezie, Venice, February 2022

thumbnail The Dragoman Renaissance

New Books in Early Modern History Podcast, episode 23, December 2021

thumbnail The Dragoman Renaissance

"Transmission, Containment, Transformation: A Comparative Approach to Architecture and Contagion in Early Modern Cities," A Swayer Seminar at Penn State University, September 2021

thumbnail Natalie Rothman on dragomans of the Ottoman Empire, between East and West

Turkey Book Talk Podcast, episode 149, August 2021

thumbnail Diplomatic Translation in Early Modern Istanbul: Digital Remeidation, Analysis, and Visualization

Scholars in Residence Final Presentation, University of Toronto Scarborough, May 2021

thumbnail Entrusting and Entextualizing: Translating Officialdom in Early Modern Istanbul

Renaissance Society of America Annual Meeting, April 2021

thumbnail Dragomans Without Borders

Kennedy Center, Brigham Young University, April 2018

thumbnail The Dragoman Renaissance: Diplomatic Interpreters and the Routes of Orientalism

Near Eastern Studies Seminar, Princeton University, March 2021

thumbnail Dragomans and the Routes of Orientalism

Ottoman History Podcast, episode 354, March 2018

thumbnail Linked Data and the Dragoman Renaissance Research Platform

Islandora Claw and Linked Data, University of Toronto Scarborough, February 2018. Presentation starts at 1:16:19 and ends at 1:34:47

thumbnail All About Networking? Kinship, Mediation, Knowledge Production in Early Modern Istanbul

Diplomacy and Culture Colloquium, University of California, Berkeley, May 2014

thumbnail A Venetian-Ottoman Miniature Album

"Crossings in the Early Modern Ottoman and Iberian Worlds," UBC, May 2010. Presentation starts at 28:40 and ends at 57:40.